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My station is an Icom IC706 mkll g, LDG AT100 ant.tuner andKenwood SP-940 speaker.. For handheld use, I have a Pofung UV5-R 2m/ 70cm. For HF use, I have HYGAIN AVQ 10-15-20 and 40m band. Alternatively I use the drainpipe on the building. The centercore on the drainpipe, and the shield is connected to to the metal stairway. The area in which I live, is very restrictive about outdoor antennas, so the drainpipe antenna work as a ‘stealth multiband antenna’. I have qso’s on all band.For 2M, I have a homemade Slim Jim antenna.

You can see some of my QSL cards by clicking here 

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byvejr verdensvejr 8600 Silkeborg,Danmark

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